Cocoa and cashew international trading is a division of Equatorial Logistics and Trading Limited, a large privately-held commodities trading and shipping services group operating worldwide, headquartered in Lagos Nigeria. Equatorial Logistics and Trade is a cocoa and cashew trading, logistics, Shipping Services, distribution, and supply chain management company focused on originating high quality and fine flavor cocoa beans and cashew nuts from origins such as Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast in Africa, working closely with Co-Ops to promote sustainable growth with farmers.


The focal point of Equatorial logistics and Trade is to work with and source directly from local farmers to supply local varieties and fine flavors to meet the taste needs of cocoa international buyers and resellers. Traceability throughout the entire supply chain is essential in maintaining the welfare of farmers and origins for many years to come.



Equatorial Logistics and Trade aims to promote the growth of all sustainable practices across the cocoa and cashew industry, including programs such as UTZ and Organic Certified cocoa, Rainforest Alliance (RFA) cocoa in efforts to advocate a fully sustainable cocoa supply chain in the coming years. Furthermore, Equatorial Logistics and Trade is implementing a sustainable hands-on program in Nigeria to promote and improve best practices in the welfare of farmers, farming, fermentation, and roasting, which are all fundamental for the definition of the flavor profile in cocoa beans per origin.



Equatorial Logistics and Trade is truly passionate about cocoa and cashew. Being real chocolate and cashew nuts lovers, it is our ambition to connect the world’s best cocoa and cashew with the industry of chocolate and cashew nuts makers. In doing so, we match the expectations from farmers, who produce good quality cocoa and cashew, with the expectations of grinders and chocolatiers in the most efficient and effective manner. We wish to connect origins to markets, farmer organizations to customers and traceability to sustainable development. Equatorial Logistics and Trade positions itself as a lean and means company with a strong focus on operational excellence. Excellent knowledge, highly qualified staff, and high-level company and market information are the drivers for such experience. Equatorial Logistics and Trade is part of the Equatorial Group of Companies. Our vision is to create value through its role as a leading multi-commodity trading company, integrated logistics, and supply chain within the global commodity trading and shipping logistics industry. The company is active in several commodities other than cocoa and cashew such as sorghum and Sesame seed, soya bean, Habiscus flower etc.