Our eCommerce logistics platform is very compatible and integrated into the equatorial packages to showcase our partnership whereby we offer end-to-end less than truckload freight e-commerce logistics management application for most online retailers, SMEs, conglomerates, and other organizations.We are better suited to ship via less than truckload and small package, to create e-commerce logistics solutions. We are reliable partners in the increasing reliance in eCommerce by manufacturers, distribution companies within the industrial space, we equally understand the important role of reverse logistics in e-commerce.  Our platform also covers wide networks in a multi-dimensional structure.

Contact us today for our regular, well-trained pick-up agents across Lagos for collection and delivery to any part of Lagos same day. Our deliveries are scheduled over time. Our return policy is sound and proactive. We have equally equipped for deliveries outside Lagos via our strong and reliable partners. We deliver on demand. Our same day delivery scope cover, food, mails small chops, gifts, parcels, package emails, clothes accessories etc.

We have implemented Seamlessly integrated technology where shopping carts connect via API, web xml or some other connection to a transportation management system.

These we believe will assist our clients and customers to build capacities in these areas

  1. Ability to organize and track shipment no matter what mode
  2. Online order status and documentation
  3. Online dispatch documentation and invoice, such as a bill of lading and freight invoice

Our  e-commerce logistics systems are built to ensure the following benefits to shippers, customers, and 3PL service providers:

  • Improved communication
  • Transparency into the supply chain
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Cost reduction
  • Improvement in efficiency
  • On-time delivery