Equatorial Logistics offers a variety of logistics services for the government agencies and the international and local NGOs for humanitarian and emergency logistics services.

Equatorial Logistics is known for its local expertise in humanitarian logistics and emergency supply chain project management and contingency plans. We have developed a comprehensive and penetrative channel that aids our transport of food, medical material and logistics services for the government emergency agencies as well as human aid support missions with over 10 mid to large scale past performances. Offering food support services into conflict zones and regions via road and air.

Equatorial logistics is currently operating a variety of dedicated and certified logistics services to its customers in Government, local and international NGOs etc. Equatorial logistics is one of the very few logistics companies in the World, capable of offering global logistics in combination with procurement solutions.

International Transport For Government Missions

Equatorial Logistics offers government agencies and NGOs a global reach using a combination of Air, Sea, Road and multimodal transport modes for moving their equipment or Cargo(food and non-food) into their mission sites, camps within the conflict zones and regions

Regional Concentration

Equatorial logistics is known for its capabilities to run complex operations in locations with limited infrastructures. Over the years Equatorial Logistics has developed the skills and the local knowledge to run global supply chain solutions standards in such regions. Equatorial Logistics works together with its customers to design and develop the logistics set up in the field during operational start up phase and manage the set up period before even the customers are on site for exploration.

Procurement Solutions, Remote Site Food Support

Apart from offering transport solutions for various government agencies and NGOs, Equatorial Logistics is also known for its unique food transport capabilities to such challenging sites.

Equatorial Logistics, works together with its customers in this field and remote site catering companies to create product baskets, manage the procurement process, supply Management, transport and deliver to such sites under schedule.

Open Yard Storage

Equatorial Logistics is an experienced service provider when it comes to managing open yard storage facilities. Storing the necessary products or empty containers in the right order is crucial to run a flawless Retrograde operation process.

Secured Transport Organisation

Equatorial Logistics offers security convoy organizations as part of its government cargo transportation solutions. Equatorial Logistics offers heavy load transport services for delivering equipment into challenging environments across the region.