Inventory management and stock taking is a prerequisite for any business especially in dealing with physical or tangible products. Constant stock taking and audit promotes visibility in businesses and offers an opportunity for accurate accounting of their stocks at all times. It makes for quick decisions on the volume of stock available at any time, assists in planning and most importantly re-order levels it equally highlight major areas of weakness and loss – such as theft, pilfering, damage and obsolescence and provide the data that inventory managers need in order to plan, forecast, and order to best meet customer demand. In Equatorial Logistics, we offer out-sourced stock taking and counting services to our clients. We offer an independent analysis of your stock and proffer solutions. We implore stringent stock auditing measures to ensure your intake, outtake and requisition channels are properly and effectively harnessed so as to ensure sound inventory management.

We offer these services and others in inventory management.

  • – Routine Basic Stock Counting
    – Stock Analysis and Valuation
    – Inventory management and stock specification.
    – Trade Indices: Stock Distribution, Availability, Visibility, Share of Shelve etc
    – Stock Re-order Level.
    – inventory damages/destruction
    – inventory run-rate and historical performance
    – Inventory imaging, monitoring, and CCTV video coverage
    – Repackaging and protection
    – Inventory ERP System

Constant inventory analysis is highly recommended in assisting businesses to manage their stock inflow and outflow. It equally assists in stock optimization, promotes productivity and boosts accountability in every business. In every business venture, what you cannot measure, you cannot control. Stocks are money tied down over forecast and expected demand. You must ensure that at all times you know what your stock is and plan with this information. Many times, stock taking is not as easy as we think and can be suicidal to any business if not properly managed.

It could definitely lead to loss of business and closure of businesses if not properly handled.  In Equatorial logistics, our team has been trained to care for stocks and to professionally count stocks. We are professional stock takers. We bring in independent and objective assessment into what we do to offer the best advice and recommendations. An accurate stock numbers in the warehouse is a fixed and invariable capital in storage and must be handled with care and professionalism.